Project on Reducing Child Morbidity and Strengthening Health Care Systems, Malawi

Health Partners Southern Africa, in partnership with Management Sciences for Health (MSH) - a leading United States (US) health care consultancy, was appointed to strengthen central hospital management systems.


We provided both full-time and intermittent technical support over a four year period. This included:

  • introducing a decentralised annual business planning process
  • facilitating a management systems' development process to establish and document policies, systems and processes in the administration of human resources, finances, and support services
  • introducing a new revenue management system and a commercial accounting package to improve financial management
  • rationalising the organisational structure, staff establishment, budget planning process and accounting system for tertiary hospitals to facilitate general management
  • strengthening the Health Management Information System (HMIS) to facilitate quarterly performance reviews
  • designing an electronic pharmaceutical inventory control system
  • establishing a policy and regulatory framework that was conducive to implementing reform ie by drafting a comprehensive policy and bill to guide central hospital reform.


We also reviewed the roles of academic institutions and research organisations in promoting service delivery. This review, which covered an assessment of the procedures for the control of research in Malawi, led to the drafting of comprehensive policy recommendations on biomedical research. It also led to a draft White Paper on Health to address emerging issues such as decentralisation, the changing role of government, Sector Wide Approaches (SWAps) and the control of health related research.