Planning and Management of Assets in Health Services (PLAMAHS)

Planning and Management of Assets in Health Services (PLAMAHS) is a software program. It is designed to assist with the planning and management of physical assets in the health service, such as buildings, utilities and equipment. It enables users to compare national norms and standards with the reality of local health facilities.

PLAMAHS collates information on these physical assets to:

  • assess the status of existing assets through inventory and maintenance information
  • assess compliance with health and equipment policies
  • identify priority infrastructure needs by facility or geographical area
  • calculate both investment and recurrent costs
  • create budgets in order to plan and allocate the available financial resources
  • generate bills of quantities, generic specification and distribution lists for use in procurement exercises
  • support the procurement process so that appropriate equipment is acquired
  • manage the maintenance of physical assets through monitoring activities of multiple workshops.

Launch of PLAMAHS-lite:

We have now launched P-lite which is a free open source version of PLAMAHS, available from:


A comparison of the modules available in P-lite and P-heavy is available here.


A support group for PLAMAHS, both Lite and Heavy versions, can be found at!forum/plamahs.