Our partners

One of our strengths is the relationship we have formed with a number of international partner organisations that offer consulting services. This network is based on shared values and extends our ability to mobilise high quality technical expertise from around the globe.

  • Health Partners International, the parent company of Health Partners Southern Africa, is based in the UK and is a leading provider of health sector expertise and programme management services. Specialists in health systems and management, they have delivered more than 450 health projects in over 40 countries since 1995.
  • Health Partners Ghana (HPG) is a private consultancy based in Accra. It was founded in 2000 to facilitate the development and provision of high quality and efficient health and social services. Its managing director Dr Kwame Adogboba was instrumental in the development of the Improved Management through Participatory Appraisal and Continuous Transformation (IMPACT) methodology, which HPG has put into practice in Nigeria, Ghana and Tanzania.
  • GRID Consulting specialises in the planning and implementation of processes and systems for effecting change. GRID's areas of expertise include advice and capacity-building; support in financial planning; strategic and corporate planning; review of organisational systems; accounting systems development; and feasibility studies.
  • HEART Consultancy provides expertise in strengthening health services in low-income countries. It specialises in the field of planning and management of physical assets and the sterilisation of medical supplies. It is an independent firm and has no direct relationship to any manufacturer or supplier of equipment.
  • HERA (Health Research for Action) Ltd is a private company which was established in 1990 and registered in Belgium. HERA is an international multidisciplinary team with experience in both high and low-income countries. HERA's main areas of expertise are health economics; health systems and health project planning; financing; management and evaluation; pharmaceutical sector development; epidemiology and health management information; and operational research.
  • Health Information Systems Programme (HISP) is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organisation run by directors drawn mainly from the public health sector and academia in South Africa. HISP shares information and communication technology (ICT) solutions, materials and experiences. It operates on the principles of free and open source software. Since 1994, HISP has expanded from a pilot project in three South African health districts to a global network active in 15 countries/states in Africa and Asia.