Our approach

Health Partners Southern Africa uses innovative approaches to help establish effective systems to assess, allocate and manage scarce resources at all levels of the health sector.

We pride ourselves on our integrity, professionalism and high quality of work, and have a track record of managing and supporting over 50 successful projects.

We have developed a toolkit of software and methodologies that can be customised to assist clients in planning, managing and evaluating services.


Core principles and strategies include:

  • engaging with stakeholders and ensuring that ongoing political and managerial commitment and 'ownership' is maintained at all levels
  • ensuring that changes improve the quality of service delivery and are enshrined in acts, laws and regulations
  • strengthening management systems, such as financial, information and human resource management systems
  • ensuring that changes achieve tangible improvements and that disruption is minimised during the change management process
  • engaging with key stakeholders including the community
  • ensuring effective monitoring and evaluation

Building the skills of government

Our projects are implemented in partnership with clients; these include senior and mid-level managers, and other stakeholders, such as front-line supervisors and labour organisations.


Together, we build capacity by:

  • identifying and analysing problems
  • looking at alternative approaches to solve these problems
  • implementing appropriate options

During the lifespan of a project we ensure that our consultants work closely with government counterparts to mentor, support skills building and provide ongoing constructive feedback to all stakeholders.

Our services include:

  • formal training workshops
  • one-on-one training
  • experiential learning
All are designed to familiarise staff with the software toolkit we have developed to assist planning and management.