Human resource planning and management

Health Partners Southern Africa has been involved in hospital reform, planning and management, as part of major initiatives in several African countries. We support public and private health service providers in a number of ways, including the following:

  • Developing national level human resource strategies
  • Developing staffing norms and guidelines
  • Population-based planning of national and regional staff requirements
  • Developing staffing establishments for facilities
  • Costing new organisational structures
  • Analysing staff skills and the efficiency of existing staff distribution patterns
  • Analysing the use of sessional doctors, paid overtime and agency staff, and ghost workers
  • Matching existing staff to new organisational structures and analysing any gaps
  • Developing appropriate recruitment and retention strategies
  • Streamlining human resource processes and procedures, and creating new human resource administration systems
  • Developing human resource information systems
  • Developing a performance assessment approach
  • Developing capacity for human resources management.

Some examples of our work