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About us

Health Partners Southern Africa was established in 1996 to provide consulting services in human resources for health, governance and health systems strengthening to improve equity and access to quality health care for the vulnerable and marginalised in Southern Africa.

In 2010, we became a subsidiary of Health Partners International based in the United Kingdom.

Our core team: We are senior professionals who have worked for long periods in the sub-Saharan African public health sector. Our in-depth understanding of the government context, combined with our experience of delivering programmes in often complex and difficult environments at provincial, district and community level allows us to design interventions that are effective in addressing the challenges faced by the public health sector.

Our partner organisations: One of our distinctive features is that our core team collaborates with a well-established network of independent organisations and individuals across sub-Saharan Africa.

Where we work: We have an office in East London. We work for a range of different clients

in many countries in Southern Africa and across sub-Saharan Africa.

Our technical skills: These cover many aspects of health service delivery, including:

  • Regional, district and national health systems development
  • Hospital planning, service development and management.

Our specialist areas include:

  • Strengthening HR management, planning and development
  • Web-based HR system development and strengthening
  • Health systems strengthening and governance
  • Organisational review and development
  • Health technology and management, including assessment and planning of health facilities
  • Capacity building for management and planning in the public health sector
  • Monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment
  • Programme management