Strengthening Human Resources Management and Planning, South Africa

The Eastern Cape Department of Health (ECDOH) faces significant challenges in Human Resource (HR) planning to provide the right person, in the right post, with the right skills to perform the required services to ensure quality, accessible, and affordable patient care.

HPSA is leading the reform of the Human Resources (HR) for Health planning and management systems across all the health facilities and hospitals in the Eastern Cape. The aim of this project is to enable the ECDOH to plan effectively using accurate, reliable and accessible HR information, to achieve equitable distribution of staff across all facilities, with an appropriate skills mix to match service delivery requirements and to support the institutionalization of HR planning systems and procedures within the ECDOH.

Implementation activities include the review of the staffing and capacity development requirements in all of the public hospitals of the Eastern Cape. Using HRPlanner, a unique and unrivalled management tool developed by HPSA, raw data is being processed into useful information sets, which are linked to key performance indicators, based on the service delivery profile of health facilities.

The project aligns the HR planning tools more closely with the District Health Information Software (DHIS) so that routine service delivery data is easily integrated into the HR Planning software, and HR data is easily integrated with the routine service delivery data.

Conceived with sustainability in mind, all activities under this HR strengthening project are integrated with capacity development and skills transfer activities.

This venture is running from July 2014 to July 2016. HPSA leads the project implementation and provides HR technical expertise, working closely with an HR Strategic Planning Team assigned by the ECDOH.

Michael Siebert is the lead HPI Partner providing technical oversight to the project.

Find out more information about this project and the HR Planner here.